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Anonymous asked: Hey! I've been seaching for that gif where alex is in front of a microphone with his eyes closed and he suddenly kinda slightly winces and opens his eyes. I can't find it anywhere but damn i need it

sorry bb i don’t know what gif you’re talking about… maybe ask chris ihatealexturner?

Anonymous asked: Hi! You don't happen to have the gif of Alex doing that little dive motion that he does, (i think) during arabella? i've been looking for it everywhere. thank you so much!

sorry i don’t… i’d ask chris ihatealexturner if i were u :) xx

Anonymous asked: what's the video of alex blowing a kiss?? been looking for it for a long time heh thank u !! :)

here :)


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Anonymous asked: what's the video for this post/46695333397 ? thank you!

here you go bb :) xx


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Arabella (x)


Do I Wanna Know? (x)

Do I Wanna Know? 5/26/13 (x)